Peer Review Process

1- Receive the article from the author electronically
2 - Initial review of the scientific content of the article in terms of specialization and title of the article and summaries and subtitles ... and so on. The editor-in-chief decides, through this step, to reject the article or accept it in principle and send it to arbitration
3- It is sent to two reviewers and is sent without the author's name.that the journal follows the policy of blind review or double unknown, and the article accompanies the evaluation forms and allows him to write a report in addition to the forms sent, all done electronically
4- In case the reviewer agree to publish the article without amendments, the author shall be informed and the volume number and the number of the number in which the article will be published shall be specified
5. If the two agree on substantial amendments, the author shall amend them and follow up the amendments with the section official
6- If the two disagree on the publication of an article is sent to a third reviewer