Guide for Authors

Publishing rules in the Journal

"International Journal of Library and Information Science" is a refereed international scientific journal published by the Egyptian Association for Libraries, Information and Archives, and issued in accordance with the standards of output prepared by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, which conform to the standards of the output of international scientific journals. The magazine is dedicated to publishing theoretical and applied studies and researches, presentations, scientific reviews, reports and news in various branches of librarianship, information, documents and archives in Egypt and the world in various languages.

Publishing Rules

1. The subject of the research is related to the specialties of the journal and is consistent with its objectives and those of the Association
2. Research and studies submitted for publication shall be new contributions, and in case they have already been published in another publication outlet such as throwing them in a conference, for example, this is clearly stated in the margins of the first page.
3. The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright, and to retain publishing rights without any restriction.      

Requirements for text submitted for publishing

1- Research and studies should conform to the scientific method and preferably not more than 30 pages (A4)
2. A summary in the research language and a summary in English if it is not the language of the research and in this case the other abstract in Arabic. The abstract should be in English within 400 - 500 words.
3. The Arabic and English summaries are followed by Key Words, not more than five words (not found in the title of the research) that reflect the fields covered by the research to be used in the search.
4. The method used in the formulation of citations is expressly mentioned in the text of the research, and citations should be included at the end of the material submitted for articles.
5. The author's name and the current job must be mentioned immediately after the title of the research. They shall also be mentioned in the foreign abstract language.

6. The study should take the rules of the written language, and in the case of linguistic notes are reviewed linguistically by the journal provided that the researcher should bear the costs of language review.
7. Two copies of the research and studies must be sent to the reviewer of the professors to review their validity for publication.
8. The scientific work must be published if it passes the review in accordance with the accepted scientific Satisfy  but we apologize for accepting the research  if its don’t comply with these rules
9. Opinions published in the journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial board or the association
10. The editorial board must notify the author of the arrival of his study to the reviewer no later than one month from the date of receipt
11. The journal is notified by an official letter from the editorial board of the author of the decision to decide on publication and the date of publication if the research has been accepted, and the journal does not commit to mention the reasons for non-publication.
12. Research is not received for its owners, whether published or not.
13. The journal sends to the author a copy of the published number of his studies.
14. The research is arranged according to technical considerations, not related to the scientific or literary status of the researcher

Publishing procedures

1-The researcher shall submit the text to be published in writing on Microsoft word program, The margins on all sides should be 3 cm, and the distance between the lines is single.

2- The font type in the Arabic text (Simplified Arabic) and size 12, and the font type in the foreign text (Times New Roman) and size 12.
3. The page numbering is at the bottom of the middle of the page.
4- The researcher should not mention the name of the researcher or researchers in the body of the research explicitly, or any reference to reveal his identity.
5. Large tables and figures should be placed on separate pages so that the print designer can control their size. The table number and its title should be placed above the table and the figure number and address below.
6. The journal adopts the MLA method as well as the APA method in drafting citations.
7- The researcher should submit a short CV in Arabic and English along with the research.
8-Attach duty not to publish the research in another publication outlet - if delivered at a conference explicitly mentioned in the undertaking, shall be accompanied by the research.
9- Payment of publishing:

  • For the society members: 35 EGP Per page, for non-members 45 EGP, in addition to 300 EGP. for reviewing.